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Health Research Governance Department - MoPH

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Research Department

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Funded Research Unit

The Funded Research Unit (FRU) manages and coordinates funded research activities conducted by the Ministry of Public Health either as an awardee or sub-awardee. The FRU provides information to MoPH employees about new funding cycles provided by the Qatar National Research Fund or any other funding body/agency.

The FRU reviews all submitted proposals, meet the vetting deadlines, facilitate collaborations/agreements between universities, governmental institutions, foundations, manage the agreements between institutions and the Ministry, and ensure that research projects comply with the ethical and financial requirements of research activities.

The MoPH web portal provides its users with the following features:

  1. Registration for key investigators involved in funded research proposals

  2. Electronic submission of proposals meeting the MOPH deadline

  3. Modification of submitted proposals.

  4. Continuous management of the project throughout its lifecycle.