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Research and Training Mission​

Goal 1: To Encourage Improved Understanding of the Molecular and Physiologic Basis of Health and Disease, and to Use that Understanding to Develop Improved Approaches to Disease Diagnosis, Treatment, and Prevention.

Goal 2: To Encourage and Support Improved Understanding of the Clinical Mechanisms of Disease and Thereby to Enable Better Prevention, Diagnosis, and Treatment.

Goal 3: To Facilitate and Help Generate an Improved Understanding of the Processes Involved in Translating Research into Practice and Use that Understanding to Enable Imp​rovements in Public Health and to Stimulate Further Scientific Discovery.

Strategy 1: Encourage efforts to develop and facilitate access to scientific research resources. 

Strategy 2: Facilitate the development of new technologies, tools, and resources.

Strategy 3: Increase the return from population-based and outcomes research. 

Strategy 4: Establish and expand collaborative resources for clinical research.

Strategy 5: Extend the infrastructure for clinical research.

Strategy 6: Support the development of multidisciplinary teams.

Strategy 7: Develop and retain human capital.

Strategy 8: Bridge the gap between research and practice through knowledge networks. ​