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Network / Events & Training

The MOPH works in partnership with all research institutions within the State of Qatar to provide a high quality biomedical research events, trainings and workshops. Our mission is to disseminate research events and trainings related to health that are aiming to fulfil researcher’s needs, inquiries and progress.

​Research Events Registry (Coming Soon!)

The Research Department at MoPH has developed an online gate for research events registry. This gate is a valid national resource for all health and biomedical research professionals. The MoPH compre​hend​s the significance of capturing and recognizing didactic research events hence, it provides an opportunity to register or request a health-related research even​t. This section stands to consolidate the collaboration between MoPH - RD and all research institutions within the state of Qatar in respects of research events.​​​

Research Institutions in Qatar​

International Research Institutions​