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Certified IRB Professional (CIP) Exam Training Program

The Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) is pleased to inform you of the Certified IRB Professional (CIP) Exam Training Program.

Two months course designed to support the IRB administrators to take the CIP exam. The exam is based on international codes, such as Nuremberg Code and Declaration of Helsinki, but also on the U.S. regulations for the protection of individuals involved in research, including drug and device trials regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and conducted under International Conference on Harmonization Guidance. MoPH will enroll a maximum of 10 students in its first class. Students will be invited by e-mail to attend the sessions. 

Mechanics of the Course: This online course starts during the second half of January 2023. More information regarding the course and the curriculum will be emailed to the participating students.

Required Textbook: Institutional Review Board: Management and Function, Third Edition. Elizabeth A. Bankert; Bruce G. Gordon; Elisa A. Hurley; Sharon P. Shriver. Jones and Bartlett Learning.

For more details about CIP exam and eligibility, kindly visit PRIM&R website at