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The Online Preparation Program for Certified IRB Professional (CIP)

The Health Research Governance Department at the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) is organizing the Online Preparation Program for the Certified Institutional Review Board (CIP) Professionals. The three- month sessions are designed to prepare the IRB administrators to take the CIP exam. The CIP exam is grounded on international codes, such as Nuremberg Code and Declaration of Helsinki, and on to the most prevailing regulations for the protection of human subjects involved in health research, including drug and device trials regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and conducted under the International Conference on Harmonization Guidance.

​ This preparation program aims to develop the IRB professionals’ knowledge of IRB functions and level up their expertise for the Human Research Protection Programs (HRPPs). The program will cover the topics of Human Subjects Protection, IRB Responsibilities, and Institutional Responsibilities. By the end of the online sessions, the participants will be highly prepared to attend and pass the CIP exam; that will enhance their IRB duties pursuant to US rules, regulations, and prevailing ethical codes adopted in the state of Qatar. 

​ Further, this online preparation program starts during September 2023 and the participants will be invited by an official MoPH e-mail to register in this program.

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