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Health Research Governance Department - MoPH

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Amiri Decree Number 14 for 2019

• Set forth legislative acts, policies and regulations of health research for initiating a safe and innovative research ecosystem.

• Develop the policies and mechanisms that define the national strategic pathway of heath research.

• Implement mechanisms for inspection and monitoring of health research activities to ensure that research is being conducted with the highest scientific and ethical standards, and to maintain the safety, and the privacy of personal, health, genetic and genomic information.

• Registration of research review committees and provide assurance certificates for human, animal, and basic research.

• Build, in collaboration with corresponding departments, data sets for collection and analysis of national and international research activities. Apply evidence-based research to improve institutions' performance and health services.

• Support the research activities, researchers, infrastructure and resources, and to provide fund to meet the needs of health research in the country.

• Act as the focal point responsible for organizing, supporting, and improving policies required for monitoring the conduct of research conducted on human, tissues, stem cell, and genetic/genomic personalized medicine.

• Activate the collaboration mechanisms between research institutions, for best application and practical exchange of information, innovations, financial and existing resources.

• Support practical execution of new and important medical discoveries that would improve healthcare services and treatment.

• Support training and practical transfer of knowledge from experts to students in the field of health research. ​